The Minerals.

The Minerals.

Güssinger bottled water is characterised by the perfect balance between mineralizing and acid neutralizing properties. The proportions of the valuable components are unique, and this gives rise to the quality and beneficial effects. 

In a qualitative study carried out by Dr. Stephen Schimpf, it became clear that Güssinger mineral water is the only one of those investigated that has equally strong mineralizing and de-acidifying effects and thus supplies the body with an optimal measure of valuable nutrients.

It is generally agreed that natural mineral water must contain at least 1000mg/l of dissolved solids such as minerals and trace elements from a direct source. With 1,540 mg per litre, Güssinger mineral water counts as one of the leading Austrian mineral waters. It is therefore not surprising that the water was accorded the status of healing water by the provincial government of Burgenland in 1959.

Just one litre covers a significant proportion of the daily requirement of calcium and magnesium, a third of daily iodide needs and over half the recommended daily dose of fluoride.

1 litre contains the following (in mg) as at 6 March 2007

MineralChemical symbolmg
BicarbonateHCO3- 961